About Us

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Brief Insight

KMS Tech is like a blessing to us, a mercy from The Almighty (SWT) for the sake of His Holy Prophet (SAW), Sacred Progeny (AS), and His Beloveds (RA), we believe!

There is a divine story behind its naming and formation.

The full-form of K M S is actually the Core part of the name of a great Sufi saint of this sub-continent: 'Hazrat Allama Shah Sufi Khwaja Mohammad Sayefuddin Naqshebondi Mujaddedi Enayetpuri Shamvugonji (R.)!' The founder of KMS Tech is a direct descendant and disciple of Him.

Miraculously, the founder’s respected Father's full name and also his own name start with these same three characters! Also, the co-founders and fellows have M & S common in their names too.

And, all the members are the follower of this blessed legacy and upholding the same spirit of faith. They believe, it is the prophecy and blessing that they are here today, Alhamdulillah!

Background Story

A number of like-minded youngsters were weaving of a dream when they were graduate students. Their background was CSE. Some of them were passionate about software development, and some were about business development. So they have decided to work on those from their early student lives. Then after completing their graduation back in 2012, the founder with his fellows and some other closed seniors & juniors from different institutions, have formed a casual IT startup named Technoism IT. They have carried out different projects while working there.
But they have focused more on skills development, gaining further experiences and degrees later on. As time went by, they have earned several significant achievements from home and abroad. And, now they hope what started as small can become a fully-fledged company. So currently, they are working heart and soul towards the upliftment of that venture, reformed as KMS Tech.

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Our Principles


To be honest with our beliefs and work accordingly.

Prospect with integrity, motto with morality.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our success relies on your success.

Ensure the clients' peace of mind and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Secure, reliable & optimized IT solutions.

Value for money, quality & service.

Do, what our customer wants us to do.

Working with care, innovative & creative touch.

Desire to have a unique place in the growing IT industry.


Aspire to contribute to the religious and socio-economic sectors through our service & welfare activities.

Aim to work for the greater interest of humanity, as we prefer to do our work with an emotional touch.

Besides keeping up with the domestic demand, we aim to have overseas clientele. Thus, we wish to be a part of the economic growth of our country.

We want our company to produce world-class products. And, we aim to see our country holding a significant position in the global IT arena Insha’Allah.